Emma Speaks

Emma Speaks: A Journey into the Soul of an Animal Friend

This true story, filled with discovery, challenges our understanding of how deeply animals are connected to us and how they are involved in our lives in ways we could never imagine. Telepathic animal communication provides the gift of voice for Diana’s horse Emma and brings to light Emma’s insights into the human realm and beyond.

Dr. Cheryl Schwartz, DVM, author of Four Paws, Five Directions, described Emma as “one of the most unusual horses I ever met.”

At the age of four Diana, who had been apartment bound, was given the chance to ride a horse. For the first time in her life she felt safe, free and filled with joy. From that day on she possessed a mystical attraction to horses. Not until she was an adult could she afford her first horse, however, she had picked horses based on capabilities and not feelings. Then she met a beautiful thoroughbred, Emma. An instant emotional bond drew her to what many thought was a mentally unstable horse. Despite warnings, Diana bought Emma and proceeded to school this capable athlete to be her dream show horse. But soon Emma’s inexplicable behaviors interfered with her training. In search of a solution Diana was led to Carol, someone who could communicate with animals telepathically. Once her skepticism was overcome Diana regularly spoke to Emma using Carol as the translator. Diana soon learned that Emma was not like any other horse she or Carol had ever known. Emma’s wisdom, intelligence and abilities beyond the five senses invited Diana into worlds she didn’t know existed.

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